St. Thomas, 2nd Trip, First full day

This is our second time to St. Thomas (USVI), and we are already thinking about the  next trip.  What is it about this place?  As I write with 100% gratitude for the experiences we have had, the way we vacation down here is just different.  We can’t just hop in a car and go – we need to respectfully call for transportation.  We can’t walk..well, anywhere, easily.  Therefore, when we aren’t exploring the islands, we are truly relaxing.  The views alone will lower your blood pressure and make you forget about the rest of the world.  We always ask each other as we talk about this special place, “What do you think Christopher Columbus and his crew thought when they sailed up to this tropical heaven?”.

We rented through Marriott’s Homes & Villas.  You can’t go wrong with views overlooking the Virgin Islands.  Most homes have a pool and are on cliffs.  Unless you stay at a resort, don’t expect beach access.  AND that’s OK!  We love our trips to Magen’s Bay!

From our current rental, we can see the AMAZING house we rented last summer (blue roof house).  We joke that we started at the top and nothing will ever compare.  *It was a trip we bought during covid as an auction item and got on super deal.

Today we did Magen’s Bay Beach, because there were not any cruise ships coming in, making for a less crowded beach visit.  Ever so often, a light rain would drizzle over us.  This water is beautiful!!!!    We ate conch fritters, had a few beers, swam AND met a new friend.  Shellie is from St. Thomas but lives in Stone Mountain, GA (yes, small world).  We got to hear about her house she is building overlooking Magen’s Bay, and thank you, Shellie, for our fresh mangos!

The afternoon was spent swimming back at the house, laughing with the boys, and getting in a few pages of my book (Christie).  Snacks around 5, as usual.  Boys cooking burgers for dinner.  THE. PERFECT. DAY!