St. Thomas, Day 2

On Tuesday we explored both the Marriott’s Buoy Haus at Frenchman’s Reef (recently opened) and the Ritz.

Buoy Haus was beautiful and located on the opposite side of the Island from the Ritz.  The lobby was open air and the waves landed right at the each.  Lovely beach area and pool.  We just hung around.  Didn’t eat or explore.  Some of the resort wasn’t even open yet and there are other Marriott properties nearby and connected to Frenchman’s Reef, like the Westin (not open yet).

The Ritz looked nice.  We ate at the pool restaurant.  Were starved, so it’s hard to tell how good the food really was.  But, nothing can be too bad overlooking the blue ocean waters!

Dinner at Brooks Bar!

As remembered:  Menu written on a white board.  Mama Juanas flowing.  Same characters.  At home dive bar feel!  Can’t wait to go back again on Friday.